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Hello my name is


I am a joy aviator. I navigate a company that’s soul mission is to provide joy in peoples lives.
I started Brite Spot Cleaning with the concept of not just cleaning houses but building a business that provides people joy! Whether it was through a clean home, positive interactions, a caring work environment or supporting our local community… our vision would be; to put a Brite spot in someone’s day.
As of today we are doing just that.

At Brite Spot Cleaning our vision is to offer all-inclusive services that provide others joy. We strive to be a Brite Spot in people’s day through living by our company values.
Our company values include:
Customer Commitment – Through honesty, trust, and transparency, we do the right thing when no one is watching. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

A Caring Environment that cares for our employees and customers through humility and respect.

Innovation – Through constantly evolving our services to meet our clients needs, we continue to challenge our company to new heights.

And most importantly Provide Joy – Whether it’s through the services we provide or the interactions we have with others, our goal is to provide a Brite Spot in people’s day.

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